Economics of Discrimination Reading Group Fall 2020

Estimation of Durable Goods Models for Differentiated Products (Lectures given at the Bureau of Economic Analysis) Fall 2010

Economics 696F (Econometrics of Dynamic Industrial Organization Models for PhD students) Fall 2010 Fall 2009

Washington University MEC 400G / 500I (Economic Issues and the Management of Healthcare for BSBA/MBA students) Fall 2005

Washington University MEC 797 (Competitive Strategy and Industry Structure for EMBA students) Summer 2005

Washington University MEC 592 (Competitive Industry Analysis for MBA students) Fall 2004

Harvard University Economics 2610 (Graduate Industrial Organization) Fall 2002

University of Minnesota Economics 8205-06 (Graduate Applied Econometrics) Fall 2000

University of Minnesota Economics 8601 (Graduate Industrial Organization) Fall 2000

University of Minnesota Economics 8281 (Graduate Topics in Econometrics) Fall 2000